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CantorTec developers are high qualified developers in DRUPAL front end or back end.

Drupal is a content management syste or CMS (content management system) free, modular, multipurpose and highly configurable that allows you to publish articles, images, files and also offers the possibility of other additional services such as forums, surveys, voting, blogs, user administration and permissions.

Drupal is a dynamic system: instead of storing its contents in static files in the file system of the server in a fixed way, the text content of the pages and other configurations that are stored in a database and are edited using an environment Web.

It is a free program, with GNU / GPL license, written in PHP, combinable with MySQL, developed and maintained by a community of users. It stands out for the quality of its code and the generated pages, the respect of web standards and the special emphasis on the usability and consistency of the entire system.

The Drupal design is especially suitable for building and managing communities on the Internet, it also stands out for its flexibility and adaptability, as well as the large number of additional modules available, making it suitable for many different types of websites.

No mater the size of your company we can develop your website in DRUPAL.

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