In today’s world, where people are less likely to see traditional patterns, and require their favorite brands to reinvent themselves in terms of communication, content marketing has become one of the preferred formats for marketing.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, in North America, the most developed region in terms of worldwide marketing, says that more than 86% of companies today use this format, and additionally states that more than 70% have had good Results from the implementation of their campaigns.

Why this format has become so important in modern marketing?. First of all, content marketing  has become the preferred advertising format for so many brands Content marketing is a very interesting discipline that has allowed brands and companies to connect in an effective and creative way with their users, clients and audiences. We all have something to tell, and companies have realized that. I would not call it an advertising format properly, rather I would say it is a very effective loyalty tool. A loyal user, one of your favorite brands telling you a good story, you will surely feel good acquiring the products and services it offers. It’s not just about buying what you need, but about having what you identify with. We all need to wear shoes, but it’s the connection with the stories that tell the brands what helps you make the buying decision.

 Content Marketing in digital media is a synergy with the units of product. Most importantly, content marketing is definitely going to grow a lot more. Advertising is not as effective as it was a few years ago and companies are looking for more and more measurable results.

Companies know that they must generate valuable content and for this they look for suitable professionals to occupy those vacancies. It’s not about writing “yes” content, you have to do it to find them in search engines, social networks or video-on-demand services. Brands have many stories and need people who count them in the most appropriate format.

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