Posted by on August 22, 2018

Facebook, the giant of social networks with more than two billion followers in the world, announced new requirements for pages within the social network. According to the company, the pages that have a large number of followers of EE. UU they will have a new authorization process for the users that manage those spaces. The action would seek to hinder the administration of a page using a false or suspicious account. “Our goal is to prevent organizations and people from creating accounts that mislead people about who they are or what they are doing,” the company said in a posting on its official blog for companies. The new authorization, which will be applied in the course of this month, will ask people who manage pages that protect their accounts with a two-step authentication and confirm their main location.

The administrators who must carry out the process will see a notice at the top of their ‘News Feed’.

They must complete the process or they will not be able to publish on their page. The pages, initially those with a majority audience of EE. UU., Will have a new section called ‘People who administer this page’. There the main locations of countries from which the pages are administered will be displayed. The company also announced onwards, will show when a page has merged with another page in the ‘History of the page’. The measures come a week after the social network said it identified a new coordinated campaign of political influence on its platform to deceive users before the November legislative elections in the United States. At that time, Facebook removed 32 pages and Facebook and Instagram accounts as part of efforts to combat the alleged ‘foreign meddling’ in the US elections. 

According to the company, Instagram, the social network of photographs, owned by Facebook, will also present similar characteristics in the future, looking for users to have more information about accounts with large audiences.


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